Bringing French Cuisine to the Kitchen: Randy Risner Explores Easy Options

Randy Risner Vallejo

February 19, 2021

Randy Risner Discusses the Joys of French Cooking

VALLEJO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / February 19, 2021 / French cuisine is often one that rarely meets the home kitchen. It is defined by character and technique and unique flavors. As an interim city attorney in Fairfield, California, Randy Risner has learned to appreciate French cuisine. With a few cookbooks and online cooking courses, he’s learned how to incorporate some easy options into his own home kitchen.

Julia Child may have been an American cook, but she made French cuisine more approachable. This is who Randy Risner decided to channel when he wanted to start exploring more food from Paris, Bordeaux, and other regions of France.

Much of what makes French cuisine unique is the number of techniques that are used. It’s about learning about base sauces and precision knife cuts. Randy Risner was determined to learn how to cook a “proper French meal.” Since so many chefs who are classically trained choose to train at Le Cordon Bleu cooking school in Paris, he signed up for some of the online culinary courses.

Randy Risner’s Adventure

Randy Risner of Vallejo was suddenly in his kitchen, learning how to chop and dice and julienne with a laptop providing him with all of the instruction he needed. Within weeks, he found that his knife skills improved drastically. He understood the differences between a velouté and a bechamel. Randy Risner could also recite the five mother sauces as he was taught within his online courses.

French cuisine was easier than he thought. That’s when he began looking at some of the easier recipes that he thought he could tackle. Coq au vin, otherwise known as chicken in wine, was one of the easiest dishes.

Randy Risner also made such dishes as French onion soup, Croque Monsieur, and Ratatouille. He was able to bring French cuisine into his home kitchen. For his friends who hadn’t visited France, he was able to amaze them with his culinary expertise. He was able to introduce them to foods that they wouldn’t be able to try in real French bistros until after the pandemic ends.

Randy Risner’s Recommendations

For any home chef, Randy Risner offers advice to make it easier to enjoy French cuisine. He believes that it starts with finding a good French cookbook. He offers up a classic like Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking. Dinner in French is also one he recommends by Melissa Clark for a modern spin.

Randy Risner also recommends visiting a gourmet grocery store. The variety of ingredients can make a difference. It can lead to higher quality ingredients as well as being able to find exactly what a recipe calls for. In some instances, gourmet stores may offer a base or a prepped item that makes it easier to carry out a particular recipe, too.

As Randy Risner continues his culinary journey into all things France, he shares his experiences.