Randy Risner Vallejo Details the French Recipes He Loves to Cook at Home

Randy Risner Vallejo

January 19, 2021

Randy Risner Vallejo Talks about the French Recipies He Loves to Duplicate at Home

Randy Risner Vallejo loves everything Francophone, especially French cuisine. According to Randy Risner Vallejo, French food is his favorite type of food and one he loves to cook for his family and friends. “A lot of people think French food is complicated, that it’s something only professionals can make, but that’s just not true. Anyone can make French food at home,” says Randy Risner Vallejo.

When asked what some of his favorite French recipes are, Randy Risner Vallejo was quick to give a list. One of his favorite French side dishes to make at home is Lyonnaise Potatoes. These are thinly sliced potatoes pan-fried to perfection in butter with caramelized onions that go great with a steak.

Many people have heard of Chicken Fricassee but haven’t tried it yet. This delicious dish is another of Randy Risner’s favorites. “The sauce is amazing,” Randy Risner Vallejo says. “You’ll want to pour it over everything.” Something to keep in mind, according to Randy Risner, is that French food has a lot of sauces that you can scoop up with crusty French bread, which you should always have sliced at the table.

Crepes are another popular dish you can make at home, according to Randy Risner Vallejo. This flat pancake pairs well with berries and is perfect for breakfast, brunch, or even a healthy, energizing snack in the middle of the day.

“Quiche is another favorite of mine,” says Randy Risner Vallejo. “The thing with Quiche is that you never run out of ideas to make it with. You could make a different quiche for every day of the month and still get creative.”

Randy Risner’s go-to dessert is apple tart, which is much easier to make than it looks.

“Of course no French meal would be complete without wine,” says Randy Risner Vallejo. “I keep a few bottles of both red and white to pair with just about any French cuisine I feel like making.”

French cuisine is famous the world over. France’s chefs are admired and adored. But don’t let French food fool you. Every recipe started off in someone’s kitchen through trial, error, and a love of cooking. You, too, can duplicate any of the French recipes listed here.