Experienced Attorney Randy Risner Vallejo Is Man of Many Hobbies

Randy Risner Vallejo

September 16, 2020

Randy Risner

Being a Francophile, coin collector, and amateur radio operator are just a few of the hobbies that experienced attorney Randy Risner Vallejo enjoys outside the law office.

Randy Risner Vallejo understands the pressures of being an attorney all too well. Looming deadlines, meeting client demands, working long hours, and keeping up with changing laws are just some of the pressures Randy Risner Vallejo faces on a regular basis. The attorney realizes all of these pressures can increase stress levels, which is why he understands the importance of having some downtime. Immersing himself in the French culture, collecting coins, and being an amateur radio operator are just a few of the things Randy Risner Vallejo does to relax and reduce stress levels.

Randy Risner’s love of the French culture began when he married his wife, Sophie, who is a Frenchwoman from Paris. He developed an appreciation for all things French and through the years has become quite the Francophile. Randy Risner Vallejo and his wife visit France every two years to visit friends and family. They have a son and three granddaughters who live there. When Randy Risner is not in France, he enjoys the French culture right at home in Vallejo. He especially likes French cuisine, including of course, the wine.

Coin collecting is another hobby that Randy Risner Vallejo pursues. Due to the rich history of coins in this country and throughout the world, Randy Risner finds coin collecting an interesting and rewarding hobby. “Coin collecting is a great hobby of which there are many benefits,” he says.
There are an estimated 10 million coin collectors in the country. Some of these collectors are much more serious than others. Those who collect coins enjoy the fact this hobby is both educational and relaxing.

Another hobby Randy Risner Vallejo finds interesting and relaxing is being an amateur radio operator. Ham radio is another name for this social hobby. Ham radios use radio frequencies that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the International Telecommunication Union assign to amateur radio service. Randy Risner Vallejo says that amateur radio operators need to pass an examination on radio theory and operation before they are granted an amateur radio license by the FCC. While this hobby is a lot of fun, it can come in handy during emergency situations where there is no electricity or access to the Internet.

Randy Risner says, “While I enjoy various hobbies, my most important area of interest is working as an attorney in Vallejo.”

Randy Risner Vallejo has over 25 years of experience and specializes in general California municipal law, the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), the Ralph M. Brown Act, the California Public Records Act, and California Government Code Section 1090 Conflicts of Interest.